The computer has been revolutionary in bringing previously unattainable technologies to the average user. Like the desktop publishing revolution of many years ago, similar revolutions have taken place in the arenas of digital audio, digital imaging, web publishing, and video production. While the production of video has become easier, it still has not been adopted at high rates among teachers and college faculty. Some have embraced the technology, however, and have seen the power of letting students express themselves with moving pictures.

Dr. Anand Rao, an Associate Professor of Speech at the University of Mary Washington, has offered his students the opportunity to immerse themselves in the video production world. Dr. Rao led group of students who worked together to write and produce a film for the 48 Hour Film Project. Working on the film extended the classroom beyond its typical boundaries, and Rao is excited to do this type of project again for future classes.

Dr. Gregg Stull’s Ideas in Performance class discovered the wonders of video production as well as the challenges of managing the resources for large video projects. As a bonus, during the semester, their lives were captured in their class blogs. For many in the class, their final “digital story” would use a tool such as iMovie to edit video footage they had taken in New York City. Students in this class were beginning to explore what life would be like after graduation as they filmed, and photographed, in various locations of the Big Apple. In their videos, they were able to reflect on not only their college careers, but their whole life leading up to this point of embarking on careers in theatre. The emotion that was captured in their videos was quite moving, and for the students was a wonderous and scary mirror held up to the great transition that their lives are currently moving through.