Univ. of Mary Washington Teaching, Learning, and Technology Fellows 2006-2007

Left to right: Martha Burtis, Marjorie Och, Craig Vasey, Steve Gallik, Charlie Sharpless, Andy Rush, Bob DuCharme, Leanna Giancarlo, Ernie Ackerman, Patrick Gosetti-Murrayjohn, Jim Groom

Teaching and Learning Technologies Fellows for 2006-2007 are a group of faculty selected by their departments to engage in a year-long project to develop and implement new approaches to teaching and learning. Working in collaboration with the Division of Teaching and Learning Technologies, each faculty member will refine an idea about how to augment their teaching with technology. During the fall semester, that idea will be fleshed out into a framework for making the idea reality, and in the spring semester it will all be implemented in the classroom.

The pioneers for the program are:

  • Ernie Ackerman, Computer Science
  • Bob DuCharme, Business Administration
  • Steve Gallik, Biological Sciences
  • Marjorie Och, Art/Art History
  • Charlie Sharpless, Chemistry
  • Craig Vasey, Classics, Philosophy, and Religion

Projects the faculty are considering range from developing screen-media instructional materials for the classroom, to using computers to create a more genuine laboratory experience, to generating pedagogically sound virtual exhibitions.

The TLT Fellows will meet informally on a regular basis throughout the year to share their progress, successes, and unexpected hurdles. “Iterative development,” the process of developing a project through successive implementations and frequent testing, will be an essential part of the Fellows’ conversations.

Each TLT Fellow will work closely with an Instructional Technology Specialist (ITS) throughout the project’s development. While in their duties the ITS’s work closely with three to five particular departments on campus, for the TLT Fellows Program the ITS’s will be matched with faculty according to the ITS’s individual expertise in an area of technology such as online video production, content management systems, or web applications.

In the coming years, the program will involve members from each department on campus, proceeding alphabetically.