Podcasting is a natural for education. The promise of this type of technology in education has existed since the days of Thomas Edison. For those who don’t have the term podcasting in their vocabulary yet, it is simply a new form of broadcasting audio (or video), in a digital form, via the Internet. The Apple iPod supplies part of the name for this technology, as it can ultimately wind up on a digital audio device for convenient playback. The key to this new technology is its accessibility, and it has allowed Craig Naylor and Gardner Campbell to take advantage of it and begin to revolutionize their instruction.

Starting with Dr. Naylor and the organization of the Electronic Music Collective, we have a way for student composers to get their music exposed to a much wider audience thanks to podcasts. No longer will the culminating concert be the last time the students’ music is heard. Future music collective students can add their compositions to the collection, and make connections to past students. The scaffolding for the podcast is a blog, and therefore podcasts can be subscribed to, and individual comments can be made on the compositions.

Dr. Campbell is unquestionably UMW’s most prolific podcaster. From Profcast.org, which features Pulitzer Prize winning poet Claudia Emerson, to the “Donne a Day” series, to individual students reading their versions of Donne, Campbell has pushed the limits already in this new medium. His extremely insightful comments and reflections on podcasting, as well as his background in radio broadcasting, will make the University of Mary Washington a fertile place for spawning new uses of this technology.