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Provocative Question by Cyprien Lomas

Near the end of his session, Cyprien raised what was for me a very provocative question. He indicated that he wasn’t sure what to make of these digital, Web 2.0 tools, and he wondered whether or not they might amount to anything. Is this stuff merely a hobby, or can it enhance the practice of science?

Stray Thoughts from the “What is Web 2.0?” Panel Discussion

Cyprien: Could we ask our students: Go ahead and learn, but think about how you learned and what it means to you? Jon Udell: “Narrating your work.”

One principle of web 2.0 should be data portability.

Are we losing the self or our conception of the professional self, or is our professional identity merely changing?

Newspapers are a medium where the culture is to not cite primary sources.

Do we teach about economics or history or biology, or do we teach how to do economics or history or biology?

Transformation of our being consumers to producers of information.

In an increasingly transparent world, where are the boundaries?

Regarding Dave Mac Ewan’s Presentation on Using Skype/Wikis to Coordinate a Research Project

Dave worried about his students’ unwillingness to use Skype in conjunction with the research wiki, as he had planned. But if they used IM and cell phones for real time collaboration and it worked, what’s the problem? One of the things I’ve discovered with wikis is that they never end up the way I had planned. That’s okay, since the students used the wiki to work effectively for them. Isn’t that the point?

Just my 2 cents,

– Steve

Question for Rachel

What might we be able to learn from the study of game playing and on-line games that we can apply to more traditional course design, even without explicitly introducing games?