Monthly Archive for May, 2006

Patrick Gosetti-Murrayjohn fires imaginations with XML

Patrick on XML

Patrick’s teaching us about student work with XML, and the examples range from medieval precedents (not for XML, but for modular writing) and current connections with online environments such as Second Life. It’s all imagination, and inspiration: what gets the students’ creative juices flowing. I do need to know, however, what’s up with the little cat running around what I assume is the Linux taskbar on Patrick’s tablet PC.

In Case You Missed The Last Session

I noticed a lot of people left early, missing the session by Gardner and Patrick. A summary of the topics discussed can be found at my FacAcad Blog:

“Blogging for Beginners”

PGMJ leads the sessionPatrick Gossetti-Murrayjohn lead the “Blogging for Beginners” session. After passing out the laptops to the group, Patrick lead them through the basics of what blogs are, the basics of commenting, and how to getting started on their own.

Cyprien Lomas on what Higher Education can learn from flickr

Cyrpien presents on flickr at Faculty Academy 2006

It’s all fascinating, but the playful aspect intrigues me most, at least this afternoon. Playful doesn’t mean frivolous, or trivial, or superficial–or at least, not necessarily. It can mean that quality of commitment and connectedness that takes us out of our habits and into new arenas of exploration and building. Cyprien’s talk underscores the need for educators and students to respond to opportunities for playfulness, and to create them.