Proud Papa

The Posters

The fatherly grin gives it away. Gardner was quite proud of the 2006 Academies. The ITS’ presented him with framed posters of the Student and Faculty Academies from this year, and he was quite uncharacteristically 😉 speechless!

I finished the two days shaking my head that we actually topped last year. I want to say how proud I am to work with the people that I do, and how proud I am to serve the great Mary Washington Faculty. Thanks also to Jon Udell, Rachel Smith, and Cyprien Lomas for their outstanding contributions to our conference.

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  1. 1 Lee Carleton

    KUDOS & HUZZAH to the whole UMW tech-team for an *excellent* conference!
    I will recommend this academy to my colleagues and share my observations with our tech folks. Even though I didn’t make the first day (office moving mix-up) the two-day format is perfect: sufficient but not overwhelming. Additionally the conference atmosphere was friendly and collegial – size perhaps? – which is rare in academic conferences. I was especially impressed by the choice of visionary Jon Udell and by the presentation by the UMW tech-team about their process an services. Finally, the wiki & blog connection is the *perfect* solution to the frustration of good session-generated conversations getting cut short to keep on conference schedule. With these tools we can continue our conversations and share later observations. Thanks to all – I’ll be back!

  1. 1 Abject Learning
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